Letter to My Wife from Her Former Affair Partner

Okay….not really. But after reading some of the blogs tonight and seeing some from the people that were dumped by the married people they were having affairs with, I felt compelled to write a letter for the person that my wife cheated on me with to my wife. I have blogged about and even told her that this would be his true feelings if they were to ever speak again. Some of it she knows and some of she doesn’t. But I have a pretty good idea based on his actions and his behavior that this is what he would say if he were a truly honest person:

Dear C,

I am sorry that we have had no contact since your husband found out about us. At first, I was scared because I was afraid he would tell my wife and that I would be kicked out of my home having to move into some shitty apartment that I could barely afford because she took half of my salary a month in child support and alimony. Not too mention everything that I would have to buy to start over. And then having no extra income to go out and fuck all of the women that I do on the side because I am simply not happy at home but am not able to man up and politely and mercifully tell her the truth and ask for a divorce. I mean I would also miss the kids that I did not give one thought to losing or having them lose respect or love for me by fucking around with you also placing your family in jeapardy.

I am sorry that you took the hit of the affair all on your own but I feel that I am too important to myself to risk losing what I have to come to your aid. I mean, I don’t love you, never did. I hope you didn’t take anything that I said to get you into bed to satisfy me because my wife wasn’t,seriously. You should know how guys are. That is completely your fault if you ever developed feelings for me because for me it was just sex. Don’t get me wrong, it was great sex, but just not good enough to make me go through all I described above.

I thought a couple of times about calling you to make sure you were okay or more to the truth making sure that you don’t start realizing that all the things that I am telling you are true and become pissed off at me and think that I am anything less than great and make you want some type of revenge. God forbid that you tell my wife. I have gotten away with so many different women that I sure as hell don’t want you to spoil it.

Seriously though, if you ever thought I had any type of feelings for you, I would hope that my post-affair behavior has put those all to rest. Could you seriously love or even like a guy that left you twisting in the wind after something we were both responsible for. I mean if I really did have any type of feelings for you other than just a piece of ass, would anything have kept me from you. I guess I would have felt bad had your husband left you for fear that you would have showed up at my door demanding more from our secret relationship. You know I would never leave my life for you. I am too selfish. You understand, you are selfish as well.

In closing, if you ever find yourself wanting to fuck over your husband again and have a secret relationship with no future in it, please call me. You should know I have no problem screwing over my wife for a piece of ass and as such am always looking for one. This is provided that I have not already found another girl on the side. Your window is closing because I am just simply too busy. I can only handle a wife, kids, job, and one mistress at a time. Just please don’t ever tell my wife, I don’t love her, I just don’t want to lose my comfortable life.

I realize that this may be shallow but the truth is I am a coward. I couldn’t even reply to the message your husband sent me telling me to stay away from you. I suppose if I cared about you or was a real man, I would have at least replied back that I take the blame for the whole thing. But I really just didn’t want any drama and if I ignored it, it was almost like it never happened. Plus as I have stated and made abundantly clear with my actions, I don’t want to risk losing my comfortable life or at least not for you. See, no offense to you, but you are just not good enough to me to leave my wife and my life for. I am glad that your husband thinks you are special enough to abandon all other women for but I just have simply not found that girl yet. You are good enough for me to secretly screw around with if that makes you feel any better. That should be a confidence booster.



I know that this may be to the extreme but in honesty, after everything I have read and seen and done, this is the cold, harsh truth. If you are a man or woman in affair with a married person, there is a 90% chance, this is how your lover really feels. If they didn’t, if they really loved you and wanted to be with you, there would be no excuses as to just not say, I don;t care what the cost is, I want to be with you!

  1. treatingmyselfagain said:

    You just made me a follower – powerful writing!

    • Thank you for the comment. That post came from anger. Unfortunately I didn’t get to feel enough anger when I first found out, I was too hurt. Keep an eye out for an interesting post coming up related to this one.

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